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 Our Safety Philosophy

Building a culture of safety takes team work and effort at every level of the company. At R.D. Graham Electric, Inc. we believe every person has a role in providing a safe outcome for each project we do. Our management staff is committed to providing the proper training, equipment and PPE for each task performed by the staff. Our supervisors are responsible to teach, and model safe work practices and each employee is expected to maintain situational awareness of their work environment at all times.

We believe unsafe incidents can be prevented through a team effort. Maintaining a safe work environment doesn’t just happen, maintaining a safe work environment is intentional. Utilizing best practice for the electrical trade, participation in training, providing the best equipment possible and adhering to policy and regulatory guidance all help to create a safe work environment. Each employee is empowered and encouraged to serve as a safety liaison and every employee has the authority to stop an unsafe act.

Our clients can expect this same team approach to safety on every job site. It is our company practice to adhere to the safety policies, procedures and directives of our clients. Wearing appropriate PPE as required for the hazard, using equipment properly and maintaining a clean, clear work site are all components of our daily work flow.

In an effort to continually improve our safety initiatives, we have worked with NCOSH on multiple consultative inspections. Each inspection has yielded the opportunity to enhance our safety program through collaborative efforts with the NCOSH inspection staff. Our employees are safer today than they have ever been, and this has been accomplished because our team cares about one another. Each staff member, at every level does their part to contribute to the overall safety and wellness of our brothers in the electrical trade.