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Team Shoutout - Greensboro City Card Awards!

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

We are excited about this RD Graham Electric Team Shoutout!! We recently had 6 employees pass their test and receive their City of Greensboro Electrician's Certification Card, woohoo! 👷🎉

Jason A

Joe F

Carl H

Alan L

Kevin M

Bobby S

The City of Greensboro issues an Electrician’s Certification Card to those who successfully pass a 4 hour, 50 question test given by the City’s Chief Electrical Inspector. Students who participated completed multiple hours of training sessions where they reviewed and applied the National Electrical Code. Successful completion of this process shows the individual is competent in the electrical trade and signifies them as a “Journeyman Electrician”. R.D. Graham Electric supported our employees with this initiative in order to build their knowledge of the trade and to meet the expectations of our customers!

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