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LED Lights Are Changing the Lighting Industry

What are LEDs?

(Light-Emitting-Diode) LED’s started out in the sixties as an expensive electronic component often used in devices like calculators and cellphones. Overtime LED technology has become more useful as it has transformed towards being less expensive and more energy efficient. LED’s are now being used for many different applications in multiple settings through Visible, Infrared and Ultraviolet Light. LED lighting is overall providing us with a lighting ability that creates a more energy-efficient, durable, affordable and sustainable future.

Who discovered the LED?1

The LED was discovered in 1962 by Nick Holonyak an American Engineer and Educator born on (November 3, 1928). Holonyak received his bachelor’s degree in (1950), Master’s in (1951) and his Doctoral in (1954) at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign focusing on the field of study in Electrical Engineering. Post receiving his education in (1954) Holonyak worked at (Bell Telephone Laboratories) where he performed work on electronic devices that were silicon-based. A year later (1955) Holonyak decided to commit to the U.S. Army conducting work for the Signal Corps which ended in (1957). Following his work with the U.S. Army in (1957-1963) he decided to become a scientist with General Electric’s Company (A Research Laboratory in New York). Holonyak later invented the LED (Light-Emitting-Diode) which was a light that emitted a red tint (Color). Along with the invention of the LED Holonyak also invented the Red-light Semiconductor Laser (Laser Diode) which is primarily used in Cell Phones, DVD players ad CD’s. Holonyak was so confident in his invention of the LED that in 1963 he began teaching as a Professor at the University of Illinois and ended his career as a professor in 2013.

Why chooses LED? MAKE the SWITCH!2

· LED Lighting Saves Money

· Requires less ENERGY use.

· Energy Efficient-Lasts longer than traditional lighting sources.

· Increased Lighting quality.

LED Lighting Choice Enhances Commercial Projects Towards a More Energy-Efficient Outcome3

The field of Commercial jobs is increasing and updating immensely over a short period of time. The creation of many different LED Lighting Systems and their benefits are helping create more enhanced and Energy-Efficient Lighting Solutions worldwide. When participating in new construction or updating/upgrading Lighting Systems LED provides you with the ability to enhance the future of your Lighting Projects to a totally new level of illuminating satisfaction.


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