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Safety Tips for Electric Fireplace Heaters

Electric fireplaces are a much less expensive alternative to adding a wood-burning fireplace to your home. Electric models provide a significant amount of heat for small spaces, reducing the need to crank up the furnace, thus saving money on your energy bill. Electric fireplaces are indeed a great alternative to other energy-guzzling options.

Electric fireplaces can enhance that cozy autumn feeling in your home for very little investment.

What is an Electric Fireplace?

An electric fireplace, or a fireplace heater, is an electric heater that mimics the look of a fireplace, with realistic-looking flames and aesthetically pleasing designs. Although they are much sturdier than your average space heater, they still come with the same precautions. Electric fireplaces work by drawing in the cool air in a room, heating the air using internal heating coils, and then forcing the warm air back out with a fan system.

Electric Fireplace Safety Tips

When it comes to electric fireplace safety, it’s a little less intimidating than traditional space heaters. Electric fireplace heaters are far sturdier than space heaters, making them nearly impossible to knock over. However, as with traditional space heaters, it’s important to obey electric fireplace safety guidelines. For instance:

  • Keep Other Objects at a Safe Distance Your electric fireplace heater should be kept clear of other objects such as blankets, electronics, furniture or toys. Leave at least three feet of clear space in all directions and never place anything on top of your electric fireplace.

  • Avoid Touching the Surface The surfaces of your electric fireplace can become quite hot to the touch during use. It’s best not to touch it at all when in use.

  • Do Not Leave Children or Pets Unattended Accidents can happen, especially when it involves small kids or animals, so don’t leave either unattended when your electric fireplace is in use.

  • Never Use Your Unit Outside Electric fireplace heaters are designed to be used indoors only.

  • Make Sure Your Outlets are Safe Never plug your electric fireplace heater into an outlet you suspect is unsafe. Also, never use a cord or plug that is frayed or damaged. If you’re unsure of the safety of your electric system, consider an electrical safety inspection.

  • Unplug the Unit When Not in Use For precautionary reasons, always unplug your electric fireplace heater when it’s not in use.

  • Never Modify the Unit Modifying an electric fireplace can be extremely dangerous. Always consult the owner’s manual when problems come up. If repairs or modifications are required, hire a qualified electrician to do the work.


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